Greg Goswell

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Greg is the Academic Dean and a lecturer in Old Testament.  He is also the Chair of the ACT Research and Research Awards Committee, a member of the ACT Academic Board and Convener of the PCA Christian Education Committee. 

Greg is married to Mignon and they have 4 children.


  • 1978 Bachelor of Science (Med) (First Class Hons) (University of Sydney)
  • 1981 Licentiate of Theology (First Class Hons) (Australian College of Theology)
  • 1981 Bachelor of Divinity (Second Class Hons Upper Division) (University of London)
  • 1982 Diploma of Arts (Second Class Hons Upper Division) (Moore Theological College)
  • 1985 Scholar in Theology (Second Class Hons) (Australian College of Theology)
  • 1992 Master of Theology (Australian College of Theology)
  • 2002 Doctor of Philosophy (University of Sydney)

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